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Promoting Lessons?

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  Icon_missing_medium Ken Galo 1938 Posts
What can other companies teach us?
  Icon_missing_medium wiley44 3 Posts
An interesting question. Reading about other companies is a great way to learn what might work with your company and what will probably not work and you absolutely do not want to do. The TV series Undercover Boss is one way you can learn how companies do things. The CMM monthly magazine highlights what other companies and individuals in the business are doing.

What do you notice when you are shopping? How do people in those businesses function? How do they interact with you or others? What about your experiences at the doctor's office? What about what happens when you get your car serviced? All of these experiences can tell you a lot.

Be observant, read a lot - books and magazines.

Jerold W. Wiley, Ph.D., CHESP

  Icon_missing_medium JAiello9 17 Posts
One thing I consistently look for in other companies is what NOT to do.

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